Advent: Christmas Eve

I had to save the best ’til last. We’re finishing off the Advent Calendar with the dragon, more specifically the emblem of Wales, The Red Dragon – known in Welsh as Y Ddraig Goch.


I’m sure most people are familiar with the Y Ddraig Goch as the flag of Wales with the red dragon passant on the white and green background. I just liked the image above though and although the red dragon has been associated with Wales for centuries, the current Welsh Flag has only officially been in use for just under 60 years.

Whilst the origins of the dragon are obscure, it’s possible that the Princes of Aberffraw (on Anglesey) adopted it in the 5th century as a symbol of defiance against the Romans who had just left Britain.

The dragon was also linked to Arthurian tales, Arthur’s father being Uther Pendragon (meaning dragon’s head). The are also tales of the prophecy of Myrddin (Merlin) of the struggle between Red Dragon (Wales) and the White Dragon (England).


I’m sad that the calendar has come to an end – it’s been most enjoyable this year thanks to the support from the spinners of the calendar! But I’m also sort of happy to bring it to a close too; I’m looking forward to taking a break for a few days and enjoying the company of lovely friends and my mum and animals at home and getting out in the fresh air.

I like making new traditions that fit more with our lifestyle than just doing what has always been done. I like a mini cheese and wine “party” for just mum and me on Christmas Eve. It’s a nice cosy way to start Christmas off. This year involved some beautiful Welsh cheeses – which are delicious.


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with family and friends. If you are on your own or find this festive season hard, peace and love be yours. I know it can be a difficult time of year for some.

Hapus Nadolig.

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