Advent; more catching up, nearly there…

The last few days I’ve let go by as I’ve had nothing extra to add and it avoid filling up inboxes with emails at this busy time of year!

December 19th: Groke. The Soundcloud clip is here.


The Groke is another character from Tove Jansson’s Moomin tales. I always felt sorry for the Groke. I found her a bit scary when I read the books as a child but as an adult, I only feel compassion for her loneliness and coldness and need to be warm.

I liked this image above because the blues match the tones I dyed the Finn/BFL/soy fibre blend in. But Tove Jansson’s own quirky illustrations cannot be equalled so I’m adding one of hers too for authenticity.


December 20th; Wookiee. The Soundcloud clip is here.


As I said in my “label”, I’m not a Star Wars fan; I’m so ignorant I didn’t even realise there was a new SW film coming out this month! So many of my friends seem to have been planning to go see the new film yesterday; and yet it was a complete coincidence I put Wookiee as the inspiration for Dec. 20th. The Force must have been with me!!

December 21st: Womble. The Soundcloud clip is here.


We’ve had a lot of fun in my Ravelry group this morning reminiscing about Wombles and their musical hits. (well those of us in a certain age bracket and nationality have!). I only just scrape into this category but the Wombles songs did feature in my early childhood at birthday parties and the Wombles eco-friendly ethos did fit well with my own family’s mantra of not wasting, recycling and reusing. And never ever being a litterbug…

So as it’s so very nearly Christmas, I’ll leave you with a seasonal Womble offering from a much more recent gig at Glasto!


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