Advent: December 17th

Today’s creature is the Waterhorse. The Soundcloud clip is here.


The famous Loch Ness Monster – or Nessie – is a waterhorse. The photographic “evidence” above is the “surgeon’s photograph” from 1934. However sightings of a monster connected to Loch Ness stem from 6th C AD when the Irish St Colomba did a bit of Nessie charming in the River Ness and ordered a water monster bent on attacking one of his followers he was using as live bait in his experiment to desist by making the sign of the cross and a few stern words of admonition. Whereupon it fled. Apparently …

Proper Nessie sightings didn’t really occur until the 1930/1940s when various claims for sighting a monster occurred. They continue up to recent times and are generally dismissed as being otters, seals, fish, algal blooms, zooplankton, sticks or even wind. Some “Nessie finders” admit to doctoring photographs and selling them to certain newspapers not noted for their love of accuracy but deeply attached to hyperbole and sensationalism…

So anxious were people to prove there was a monster in the loch there was even a Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau for a decade in the 1960/1970s. Aw….

Of course, although I didn’t have my camera on me at the time, the fibre I dyed for today was the genuine seaweedy-like fronds of wool gathered from the dorsal fin of Nessie herself…

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