Advent: December 23rd


This is what we call a Sneeze Egg! My dad used to joke that these tiny little eggs are what pop out when a chicken sneezes!

We had this earlier in the year. The little brown shell is infact a sort of calcified pigmented membrane on this one rather than a proper shell and after 24 hours in my kitchen it had dehydrated and shrivelled flat. I popped it in water for a few hours and it plumped straight back up again! It doesn’t have a yolk although some of the larger Sneeze Eggs do have a tiny wisp of yolk just like a perfect mini egg…

The largest egg is a normal hens egg from one of the ex-battery hens, the white egg in the middle is a little bantam egg from one our last Pekin hen … so you can see that the crazy Sneeze Egg is really very tiny, almost pea-sized.



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