Advent: December 19th


Christmas is a quiet time for us. With animals to care for we don’t ever go away to visit others at Christmas and apart from taking a little time to pause and reflect and share good times with those around us, the farm routine means that each and every day has a structure that cannot alter no matter what other things are happening.

It’s always lovely to see friends though and some of ours are good enough to call by for a coffee and catch up. Our close knit community here also enjoys gathering on special occasions for good food and laughter. Some of my friends who live in other parts of the country come back to visit family. A hug and conversation by a log fire with a coffee or mulled wine with those you love is always nourishing for the soul.

A nice mince pie doesn’t go amiss either. So I’ve made a batch of mincemeat this weekend so I can bake some later this week. Yummy…


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