Advent: December 17th


We’re “celebrating” 20 years on our smallholding – we moved here on 17th December 1996. It seems both like yesterday and also so very long ago!

Life is quite different in a number of ways. It’s also the day that I first took ownership (reluctantly!) of a sheep! So I’m also celebrating 20 years of sheep keeping. I was given a lamb by the previous owner of our smallholding. It had been born as a single lamb out of season in September and instead of selling it along with the rest of the flock to my father he gifted it to me to “teach you to be a shepherd”. I wasn’t that keen on the idea I have to say! Sheep were woolly and smelly and not really the kind of livestock an aspiring small animal vet nurse wanted to get interested in….

And now of course they’re one of my favourite animals. The coloured sheep I keep for wool are quite different to the chunky Charollais x lamb I first had. I find coloured sheep and rare breeds really interesting  and I happened upon this large flock of Hebridean sheep at the base of Holyhead Mountain on a walk with Marley in September. We got quite close to them, despite Marley straining eagerly on his lead. They’re lucky sheep, living in a really stunning spot. I’ll show you their view tomorrow in my Advent post…


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