Advent: December 14th


I took this earlier in the year when I spent some time watching my friend Daniel Yeomans painting.

He’d asked if I could take some photographs for him to use. It was really interesting to watch a portrait artist at work and then to overlay the medium of photography over the top. Both use light, colour, form, composition. Both are trying to represent something – either aesthetically or as a record of events.

What I really noticed was how neither are a static art form although both require the subject to be stationary to an extent. Dan talks to his sitters, ask them about themselves, what they’ve been doing since the last sitting, current news. In doing so he coaxes the character of the person out and into his work and represents more than just the dimensions of paint and canvas, light and shade.

Watching him moving swiftly back and forth the length of his studio using the method called Sight-Size, I wanted to capture the energy of both sitter and artist in something that is more than simply a visual record. Whilst this isn’t a great photograph either technically or aesthetically, I like it because you can see the physical energy in Dan as he moves about to paint and the emotional energy of Mark laughing as they talk and create the portrait.


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