Advent: December 11th


Another coast one … but from September not last week. There had been some big storms in August sadly causing damage to small boats moored locally and sinking some of them.

The amount of sand that gets stripped and dumped on the beaches by the elements is amazing, tons and tons can be shifted changing the face of the beaches. These are the remains of petrified forests. These ancient tree roots sprawled like fingers in the sand making interesting shapes which Marley and I had to investigate closer.

This trip 2 and a bit months later, the sand had covered most of this up. The lines of land and sea are fluid on the flat beaches lapped by tides, hemmed in by rock and cliff in others. But the sheer power of the ocean to move that which seems immovable is awesome. To us tiny humans, the surface of earth upon which we build our lives seems mostly unchanging. When I see things like this it reminds me of how mutable it all really is, floating on the surface of our ball of molten rock spinning in space.

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