Advent: December 10th


I took this photo on Monday morning on a last walk before I came back home. I’d been up in the early hours to drop my brother at the station after our family weekend together and had a little tidying to do before I also made tracks. I always try to go for a quick walk along the headland and beach before going home – when I’m there, it’s hard to leave. When I’m at home, it’s hard to go away. I love both places. But the sea is within my soul too somehow and one last scamper across the rocks and sand help to give me something to hold on to until the next time.

I was a little bit lost in thought but saw something flicking out of the corner of my eye. For once I had my camera in my pocket, I was hoping I might see the Egret I’d see the day before with my brother. I spent some time watching this little guy flicking through the seaweed on the tidemark. It’s a Turnstone – another bird I’ve not see before. They are also migratory and winter visitors although some do hang around during the summer too.

One thing you do really notice at this time of year is the sheer quantity of plastic rubbish that gets thrown up by winter storms. Looking closely at the plant and animal life washed up on the shore you can’t help but be appalled by the toxic rubbish we humans contaminate our world with that is mixed in with it. There is so much that is unnecessary or badly designed and things get discarded without a thought as to what happens when we don’t need them any more. “Throwing things away” doesn’t mean it solves the problem.

The Turnstone flew off over the sea after about 10 minutes scritching and pecking around and then I went home too.


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