Advent: December 7th

I do love home grown veg and fruit, it usually tastes so much more of what it’s supposed to as well as being guaranteed chemical free (creepy crawlies an optional extra though!)

This is especially true for tomatoes – they can only be grown in the polytunnel up here and don’t really ripen until quite late. I was later than usual sowing seeds this year too so we were faced with few sun ripened ones. The prospect of green tomato chutney didn’t appeal this year; I love chutney but I love ripe tomatoes more! Once October is done nothing will ripen in the tunnel. They just get mildew and squishy and November frosts finishes the whole thing off. So last month I strung up a piece of twine from my kitchen beams and hung some of the vines up and the loose ones went into bowls. I got a surprising amount to ripen even though some will always go mushy before you can eat them.

Someone thought I’d put my Christmas Decorations early. I can take the gentle teasing though – it’s a small triumph to be eating home grown tomatoes in December in Mid Wales…



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