Advent: December 6th

Wales is pretty gorgeous wherever you are. It’s varied – from the mountain ranges of the North to the valleys of the South and the stunning beaches of the west coast and the soft rolling hilly farmland and woodlands on the East borders of the Welsh Marches where I am lucky enough to live.

So although I might miss the beautiful happy sea view I posted yesterday now I’m home, it’s not a shabby view from my own bedroom window here either! I can not only hear my own sheep munching outside on the paddock on summer nights when I leave the window open (I can actually talk to them from my bed and sometimes get answering bleats!!). I can also see across to the other side of the little valley we’re in and my neighbours cows.

Living rurally isn’t easy at times and it can be expensive just to provide basic things. Winter compounds all of these things and December and January are probably the hardest months of the year. Winter is harsh here and sometimes it makes you question your sanity.

But you can’t complain when you are lucky enough to have fresh air and silence, dark skies at night and the beauty of nature all around you. I’d “pay the price” of rural living every time.



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