Advent: December 5th


Although I’m back home now this view also seems like “home”.

I took this yesterday morning out of the bedroom window, kneeling sleepily on the bed in my jammies as I’ve done for decades on waking here. When I was tiny I used to sit on the window sill above the little bed I slept in and look out to sea in anticipation of fun times ahead that day.

Whilst I’m far too big and grown up these days to perch my pajama’d backside on the window sill these days, the thrill of poking my nose out and seeing if the tide is in or out never really goes away. Like kicking up fallen autumn leaves, the sight of the sea whether whipped up into frenzied spume by Sou’Westerlies or glassy still like this will never lose its charm no matter how long I live or how old I become…


2 Replies to “Advent: December 5th”

  1. It would be my dream to wake up and see that view on a morning from bed. What a wonderful place to have lived as a child. Amazing place.

    1. It is amazing yes. I learned to swim, paddle and row in that little bay too. As a child you take it for granted and for a while I believed it was magic place that only existed for the few weeks we were there in summer. As an adult I never take it for granted now, I love it with every fibre of my being and am so grateful it’s still in our family and to my brother for saving it for us and the next generation…

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