Strange fruit ‘n’ fibre…

It’s not just my chickens that are enjoying being outside (or inside as my last blog post demonstrated!!). I keep popping out to get the sun on my back and breeze in my hair too!

I’ve been dyeing some fibre over the last two days – the last is hanging out to dry now like strange colourful fruit – not the grisly kind in the song though!




This is my BiffleRose in lovely subdued shades due to the over dyeing of a natural colour base. I love this blend both to dye and spin.

I’ve also dyed a small amount of a one-off blend – more about that soon. It really is a one-off too; it was an experiment that I won’t be repeating in this form due to practicalities but oh so lovely. So keep watching!

I’ve just ordered the last pieces for a piece of kit I need to make for my latest big project. More reasons to keep watching this space! (and I might need someone to bring me cups of tea and moral support as I work out what the heck I’m doing too!)

Here’s a wee hint though…


On personal textile projects I’ve finally finished my handspun cardigan I’ve been working on. It’s made from lovely HilltopCloud fibre – the colours have been much commented on and I can’t take the credit for those! I love those autumnal shades, it’s more harvest than spring but I can see myself wearing this a lot over the course of the year.

I’m really pleased with how it’s worked out. The handspun yarn is a gradient and rather than spinning the colours in the transition chunks it’s designed in, I did further blending between the shades to make a smoother gradient. I also had to do a bit of lateral thinking when it came to knitting the sleeves.


The pattern is a top down, knit in the round construction. I used a generic recipe for the pattern as a guide but made up the actual pattern as I went to my gauge and my measurements – quite satisfying really! I’ve still to add buttons, I think I’m going for some lovely metal leaf shaped ones from Textile Garden, my favourite button shopping stop! I need a few more though. Which is an excellent excuse for more button shopping… ;0)

I’ve more ideas for knitting but just can’t quite decide what to work on next. There’s a Kate Davies Fintry cardigan I’d like to knit in some handspun made from one ply Southern Cross Spelsau and one ply of my own BarberBlackSheep yak/silk – a glorious wine red yarn and so squishy. But I’m also sampling for a cowl pattern to my own design (ha!) and a shawl ditto as well as a poncho it would be nice to make before the weather warms up too much for me to wear it. I’d better crack on with that little lot hadn’t I!


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