Berry Nice

January seems to me to be the low point of the year; Christmas and its bustling activity is over and we’ve still a long slog to pull out of Winter and darkness before Spring returns. However it’s also a good time to make new plans, mend and make things and generally start over with a brand new year. I usually do make resolutions of some kind and write them down. It’s interesting to look back at the end of the year and see which (if any!) I’ve achieved.

So it also seemed like a good idea to think up some new colours for the shop too. The past few days has seen the launch of four new sets of Haunui/Merino batts over in my Etsy shop.

By far the most popular (it’s already sold out twice!) is Sloe Gin. It was in fact inspired by some silk I dyed quite a while ago and I wanted to repeat it in batt form. The teal shades are not dissimilar to the colour of blackthorn leaves and the middle blue shade is like the dusky colour of sloes that still have their bloom. The purple shades are like the very delicious fruit liqueur we make each year from them – and Sloe Gin as a drink is ever popular with spinners anyway!



I’ve also been wanting make a colour way based on some slate chips I picked up in Anglesey – the slate quarries of Snowdonia have some beautiful shades including some really stunning purples that are easy to wear and use in interior decoration. This is how Welsh Slate turned out.



I tend to wear colours like those above as well as neutrals. I like to accent them with sharp pops of colour and it’s nice to make accessories in these shades. So here is Winter Berry, soft but zingy.

Winter Berry


And then after a discussion in my Ravelry group, I added another colour way today. I’d ordered in quite a few shades of red a while back intending to do a SweaterBox collection in reds and also had some in stock from the August Build a Batt Box based on poppy shades. I Heart Red is an ombre gradient of warm deep reds. I was tempted to call it Holly Berry but we’ve already got a bit of berry action going on with the other colours. All the same, it’s a nice cheery berries-inspired set!



I keep having new ideas so hopefully can bring you some more colours in the coming weeks as well as some new exciting ideas hopefully. In the meantime you can purchase these along with some of the autumn colour ways in the shop linked at the beginning of this post or via the shop page at the top of the blog.

Hope you’re keeping warm and dry this damp winter. Thank goodness for hand knits and wool!

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