Advent: December 21st

The shortest day. At last! It was almost the first thought I had when I woke this morning – thank goodness the days will start to lengthen from today. The slow, steady uphill climb to spring, to warmth, to light, to hope.


Nothing much to do with it being the shortest day! This is a granite statue of the Egyptian god Amun in the form of a ram.

Amun was believed to be the chief of the Egytian gods. His identity seems to have changed over the years and dynasties but Amun was god of wind … so perhaps it is slightly relevant for today – we’ve had some fairly spicy winds kicking up here in Wales for the most part of the day!

In later generations Amun’s identity merged with the sun god Ra and he became Amun-Ra.

I don’t believe in Egyptian deities but I would rather like to see the sun again! And I do like sheep. So I quite like this nice granite ram statue.


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