Advent: December 11th

Today is just a picture I liked – a baby wild rabbit I photographed playing at the edge of the beach in July.


It’s a beach I used to play on when I was a really small girl – back then it was my favourite, probably because it was small and so sandy and also because it was further away and I had to wait for someone to take me there so we went less frequently. There was also a sort of cave in one corner which is near to where this rabbit’s warren is. It was nice to go back there with my younger nephew and niece as they’re about the same age as I was when I loved playing here.

The rabbits around here are incredibly tame. We were standing very close and they didn’t attempt to run; they didn’t seem to mind our presence at all. They were quite well camouflaged against the drab colours of stone and sand until they moved so perhaps they felt safe in this corner.

Because the wind was chilly on our walk, my 3 yr old niece was wearing a pink all-in-one hat/scarf which has rabbit ears and it was rather sweet to see her in her little bunny hat watching the baby bunnies herself.


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