Advent: December 9th

Just a short entry today. I’m still dipping into old photographs from the past year or two as I’ve had little time to take new ones lately and the weather has been so manky, it’s hard to find a moment to head outdoors with a camera.


So here is a sweet picture of a calf belonging to some farming friends. Born a couple of days before I visited, it’s a Belted Galloway – or Belties or Humbugs as they are sometimes affectionately known as. Really lovely beef cattle from Southern Scotland, my friend’s mother-in-law decided in her 70’s to start breeding Belties and this was one of the first Beltie calves born on their farm.

It’s not a great photo – the mother was understandably protective of her baby and stood between it and us when they were in the yard. You don’t mess with cow mummies – they’re dangerous and with good reason. So I just got a few quick snaps once my friends had loaded this little chap in the trailer for moving before I had to give in gracefully to Mother Beltie!


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