Advent: December 6th


Oops… getting behind again!

I thought you might enjoy this picture I took in the summer. Our bantams are very friendly little birds and often pop down to the house to visit. But after Tommy the cockerel died, Henrietta was more than usually at a loose end. During the summer our house doors are often open and the animals come and go as please. Sometimes this also includes Henrietta!

She discovered that it was more genteel to hang out with the elderly Badger and Silky basking in the warmth of the conservatory than peer at the noisy boisterous big chickens through the mesh of their run in the paddock. So on more than one occasion we found her cwtched up on the rug in here. Silky is oblivious to her presence but Badger the 3-legged collie looks less impressed at sharing the mat!

Now everybody has their own kind to keep company with; the bantam chicks have grown up and Henrietta spends her days with them and Badger of course has Marley now to keep her on her doggy toes – what’s left of them anyway! But who knows when summer comes, Henrietta might be back … with all her friends in tow!


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