Advent: December 5th

I don’t know about you but I think I’m in need of something sunny and cheerful to look at today! If you’re in the UK you’ll understand what I’m talking about – yet another storm has come rampaging across Britain, especially in the Northern half of the British Isles. My thoughts are with those further up-country than me who are having to deal with flooding and high winds on a far greater scale than we are.

So the least I can do is dig out a sunny happy photograph for today’s Advent image.

P1180454 - Version 2

This is a male Common Blue butterfly I spent an awful lot of time chasing across the headlands in August. I spotted several of them feeding on nectar, tumbling about in the sea breeze like so many pieces of sun baked blue confetti and I was determined to get at least one picture of them. But as soon as I got my camera focused and steady they’d be up and off onto the next one.

Marley had to be on a lead around here because of grazing sheep so he got very grumpy being dragged about in random butterfly-lead zigzags by the lead looped over one wrist and his impatient jerking also didn’t help my image-taking skills! Every now and then I’d tire of taking blurry snaps of Sea Mayweed flowers sans the flittery butterflies and put my camera away only for another blue butterfly to zip into view and saucily taunt me with a flirt of its wings as it settled on another flower head just a wee bit further out of focus…

To Marley’s eternal relief I finally got a couple of pictures of some Sea Mayweed flowers actually with this butterfly perched on it and we called it a day before he bounced over the cliff edge out of sheer boredom. And then we went home for a swim in the cold clear sea followed by hot coffee (me) and biscuits (Marley).


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