Advent: December 4th

This is a slightly odd photograph so I hope nobody objects to it but I find all nature fascinating, even the things that aren’t especially lovely at first glance. I’m also intrigued by things you don’t really often get to see and an ocean-living fish like this one is one of them.

When I was in Anglesey at the beginning of October with my brothers, we found this Lesser-Spotted Dogfish washed up on the beach when we went for a walk.

DSC_0006.jpgIf you’re a sea angler in British waters you probably don’t like dogfish very much; they have a habit of being caught when you don’t want them to apparently! I’ve never caught a dogfish and it’s a very long time since I’ve been sea fishing anyway so I haven’t seen a dogfish since I was a child.

Back then I used to love hunting for “Mermaid’s Purses” along the shoreline – the fanciful name for the rather prosaic egg cases of the dogfish.I much preferred to think of them of little bags from Merfolk even though I knew they didn’t exist. Mind you, I also thought the egg-case thing was pretty cool too…

I also thought it was interesting that once upon a time the rough skin of the dogfish was used as a sort of sandpaper and best of all to my young mind, they’re members of the shark family. There seemed something wildly romantic about seeing a shark in real life. Albeit a rather small and whiffy one!

I’m not sure what finished this poor doggie off – it wasn’t there at the previous low water and had apparently been snacked on by a hungry seagull since the tide rolled out. But even in it’s deceased and tatty state, there’s something rather fascinating about it’s elegant shape and primitive form. I hope you agree with at least some of that and I’ve not put you off your Friday fish dinner!! :0)


One Reply to “Advent: December 4th”

  1. Amazing creatures. Looks prehistoric! Repulsion of dead things is a natural response. But actually it is hard not to be fascinated and impressed by the beauty. Fits so well in its environment. Poor little soul! Nice you captured the moment.

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