Advent: December 3rd

So for today’s Advent post I thought we’d go back in time again to visit another sheep… this time much, much further back though.

It’s just over a year now since I took a few days to escape mud and fresh air and take a city break in London. I blogged about my visit to the Imperial War Museum shortly after but I also went to several other places whilst I was there. Unlike some of the other London Museums I went to as a child, The British Museum was one I hadn’t visited yet and I could happily go back time and again it’s so full of interesting objects. It’s definitely somewhere to go on your own and to take your time. There’s too much to see so I’m slightly envious of those who have to opportunity to go to places like this in a lunch hour and to properly look at just a few things rather than gorge on them like I did.

Some of the objects I wanted to see were ones I’d read about in books and it was truly exciting to see them for real up close. Others were curios I’d never heard of before such as this earthenware aquamanile from England in the shape of a ram.

P1130106 - Version 2

Aquamaniles are simply jugs or vessels in the shape of an animal  or person. Perhaps the forerunner of cow creamers or Toby Jugs!! Apparently ceramic versions are rarer because of their fragility – obviously they  don’t survive as well as the metal ones used by the rich. This poor ram is missing his legs as well as the handle – you can’t see from the angle I’ve taken this photo but his nose forms the spout. I loved this little broken ram; he’s around 650-750 years old so perhaps it’s hardly surprising he’s missing a few limbs!


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