Advent: December 2nd

Well, I didn’t do very well with my Advent Calendar yesterday! For the first time ever I missed a day – it was a fairly stressful day with things going wrong but never mind, c’est la vie and onwards and upwards. The bonus side is that you get TWO Advent posts today! :0)

I thought something light and cheerful might be quite nice. Currently the weather is absolutely vile and my sheep aren’t very impressed with that; neither am I! Autumn seems so long ago now although we had such a wonderful long dry mild season I can hardly complain at the turn of the seasons now. For part of the Autumn I had a bluetit visit the window by my desk to pick up little spidery-mite creatures that were obviously hiding in the cracks in the timber cladding on my house (this is conjecture – I assume that’s what it was doing!). So I got quite used to the rat-tat-tapping next to my window whilst I was working. One day I took a photo.

DSC_0001 - Version 2

And as birds have featured heavily in previous Calendars I thought he could join this one despite it not being a very good photograph and also one that shows how dirty my windows are!!

I miss this little chap now that there’s nothing for him to peck at. They’re all busy on the bird feeders though instead so at least they’ve got something in their tummies now the bad weather is here.


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