Fall in Love with Autumn @ BarberBlackSheep

Are your ready to snuggle up in wool blankets and hand knits, pile some pine cones up and make a log fibre, toast some crumpets and open that homemade jam?


Are you ready to search out your chosen seasonal colours, dig out those patterns you’ve been saving all summer when it seemed just too warm to knit and dust off your favourite knitting needles? Is your spinning wheel begging to be fed with all the fibres of the season and pleading to be oiled and loved back into service?


Are you ready to fall in love with Autumn @ barberblacksheep…?

It’s an open secret that this is my absolute favourite time of year. I’ve been limbering up to this since the first hint of coolness in the mornings from mid August when chillier nights mean heavier dews at dawn. Once the angle of light changes and brings on the sleepy golden glow something comes alive inside of me.


Over in my Ravelry group for the past 2 weeks we’ve been having an informal Autumn Spin-a-long. It’s not a competition, just a chance to stash bust some fibres ready for those hand knits and hand woven items we’d like to make (and wear!) in winter. It’s always fun to have a bit more incentive to do this as well as have some company. There are some lovely yarns being made from BarberBlackSheep fibres – I’m really enjoying it!


I’ve not got much production spinning done; lately I’ve been working on some seasonal samples for new Haunui/Merino batt colour ways and they’re almost ready to hit the shop. These are the new 5 batt sets I’ve made as a development of the original Haunui Gradient packs I blogged about in June. By cutting out the final gradient carding and hand dizzing stages I’ve been able to offer them in a more versatile form as well as increase the pack size and lower the £/100g – I believe that’s something of a win-win situation! ;0) So the new Haunui/Merino batts are now upped to 150g for just a couple of pounds more which gives a greater range of options for spinning as well as giving more yardage and value for money. You can still create gradients by carding in-between shades yourself but also spin separately them for colour work. Some of my customers use them for wet-felting too.

So the new colour ways are:

Pumpkin Spiced Latte



Turning Leaf









The small knitted samples show a gradient made from each of the shades but I’m sure you can think of many other ways of combining these colours!

They will be in stock shortly – hopefully early next week once I’ve made up a few sets of each.

I’ve also been making a Pinterest board for inspiration for this theme and to pin any finished yarns and item pictures onto.

Better fetch those marshmallows out of the cupboard and get toasting! Pumpkin soup anyone…?

P1140864 - Version 2


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