Advent: December 21st

The shortest day. Or the longest night. However you’d prefer to look at it!

Anyhow, it’s Midwinter or the Winter Solstice; the turning point of the diurnal nadir and a day that I always look forward to. Although there are many weeks of dark evenings and cold days still ahead it feels like from this point it’s downhill to spring.

On the last Saturday before Christmas some of our neighbours hold an “at home” mulled wine and nibbles for friends in the evening and something we all look forward to and this year was no exception and we all and a great time meeting together – it’s like the beginning of Christmas really. I had an extra nice day because my friend Sarah and I had arranged to meet in Chester for the day and I had a wonderful time with her catching up over coffee, hot chocolate and lunch and exchanging news. Of course it was bustling and shiny everywhere with last minute Christmas shoppers and so there were carol singers from the Royal Northern College of Music busking on every available patch, Guides and Scouts singing too, street artists moulding sculptures out of damp sand, stilt walkers, street evangelists and the inevitable beggars – all trying to vie for shoppers attention and/or purses.

Whilst waiting at our arranged rendezvous point I spotted these dressed up characters also walking around; an elf, Christmas Pudding and elsewhere a Christmas Tree. Later on when we were looking for things I could photograph to include for my Advent posts we saw them again and I started to take a photo and they spotted me and very obligingly posed and waved quite patiently whilst I took a few pictures! Afterwards I thanked them with thumbs up which they returned before wandering off. It made Sarah and me laugh!!



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