Advent: December 19th

I’ve been out most of today at a friend’s house and so I’ve delved back into my back catalogue of photos for this one. I need to find some more things to take photos of!

This is one of the engines that runs on the narrow gauge steam railway a few miles away from where I live. Last summer two  of my brothers and I went with my small nephew and niece on this. We hadn’t been since we were small children ourselves – about 30 years. I think my brothers and I were more excited about it than the children actually!… ;0)



2 Replies to “Advent: December 19th”

  1. Love this, and all of your Advent moments, Catharine! It’s an intentional moment to open up your mail, take a deep breath, and appreciate the peaceful moment among all the frenzied ones. Next time I’m in beautiful Wales, a steam train excursion is on the list!

    1. Aw thank you!

      I can definitely recommend this one – it’s the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway. And the bonus for us yarnie folks is that the Llanfair end terminates right next door to Colinette Yarn’s warehouse and sale shop so you can go yarn shopping and have a cup of tea and piece of cake before making the return journey! ;0)

      There are a few other narrow gauge railways in Wales though, it’s really good fun!

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