Advent: December 18th

I’m so lucky that we have so many lovely neighbours. We all get on really well and meet up at different times of year for social get togethers like Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve amongst other occasions. Us ladies (and occasionally one or two of the men!) also meet for Knit n Natter occasionally which is something my mum started some years ago and has grown and expanded and changed over time – it’s also indirectly responsible for me learning to spin 8 years ago and learn to love knitting as well as being a fabulous way to keep in touch with our local community and form friendships.

As time has gone by it’s grown wider and wider and it’s no longer just the few neighbours that live within walking distance; some of our Spinning Guild friends that live a couple of miles away in nearby villages also now join us and today our friend Angela hosted a pre-Christmas Knit n Natter at her house for the first time and it was lovely to go over and spend the morning knitting and catching up (and meeting Bess the gorgeous Black Labrador – I am such a sucker for Black Labs!!!)

I’d completely forgotten that she’d told me they also own a pet owl. She’s had Horry since he was a few-days-old chick – he’s a European Long Eared Owl and has a huge aviary in their garden complete with ivy-covered trees and room to fly around in. He’s absolutely beautiful and we all went outside to say hello to him between coffees and he starting hooting enthusiastically at his “mum” as soon as he saw her, I didn’t know they talked back!! (He’s about 11 years old) She said if her son had been at home that day, Horry would have flown down to the door to say hello because he really likes him – but he doesn’t like Bess the labrador very much!! I was kicking myself that I’d not got my camera on me. Happily one of our friends Glenys had her iPhone and she let me take some pictures on that and Angela said she was happy for me to use pictures of Horry for my Advent thread. So a big thank you to both Angela and Glenys (and Horry!!) for this one :0)



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