Advent: December 12th

I am guarded by a fierce lion that watches motionless…

Actually, this is one of my cats, Moth. She’s a fierce one aright – but only if you happen to be a small furry rodent because she’s a ruthless hunter and spends all her time out of doors. She really doesn’t like being inside and unlike her easy living ginger brother who spends most of his time asleep in whatever cosy warm place he can find, she is ceaselessly roaming about our smallholding waiting for unwary mice and voles to poke their noses out. When she sleeps she finds a sheltered spot in a barn to curl up in where she can sleep with one ever watchful eye open just in case…

She’s very much my cat, I’ve had her since she was a few weeks old and she knows that I’m hers and she’s mine. She never really likes being picked up and even her affections are laced in fearsome teeth and claws; gentle isn’t really a concept she grasps! However if I’m working outside very soon she will come to my side and ask to be noticed and made fuss of for a while. Until some movement in the grass falls under her eye and she goes back on patrol again.

When I went out at dawn the other morning to take photos of the sunrise, within a minute she had materialised out of the darkness and shrubbery to greet me and perched on the fence post in front whilst I snapped the sky colours. The low light levels mean that the clarity of this candid snap suffers but she looked so serene and icy cold against the heavens – and there’s something about the depth of lapis blue behind a black silhouette that’s very satisfying to me.

P1140701 - Version 2


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