Advent: December 11th

Gosh it’s chilly today! The north wind is finding gaps everywhere…

So we’re almost halfway through Advent now and it’s unavoidably obvious that Christmas is 2 weeks away. I’m not “ready” for Christmas (whatever that means) in material terms, I’ve made deliberate attempts not to do much about it this year. I’m not a Scrooge but I do want to find heart in the things I’m doing just now; I know for me there is a weakness to try and do everything and therefore achieve nothing – or at least not as much as I should.

Counting the days as they go by is quite “rooting” for me – more like steady footsteps than a panicky reminder of my to do list. (I don’t have a to do list this year!) I do however have an Advent Calendar I bought recently because it matches the duck egg blue of my kitchen and by the time I’d made something similar I might as well just support the small local shop that had them – I know full well it wouldn’t have got finished if I’d started making my own version. Instead of hanging sweets off it this year, one for each day, I decided to add a small matching glass bauble to count the days. I don’t tend to decorate until just before Christmas anyway so this is my one concession day by day.



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