Advent: December 10th

The sun has come out now but it’s been pretty stormy here overnight and this morning and the wind has a spiteful feel to it; although as far as I can see it’s not blowing off snowy hilltops it might as well have for all the stinging chill it’s bringing.

Sunshine in winter always seem more precious, because it is rarer and so is welcome even when it lacks heat. As with autumn light the low angle of the sun gives it a golden tone which pick out the bare ribs and dying foliage of the oak trees which makes it look warmer than it really is and this is emphasised further by the contrasting blueish grey backdrop of the heavy sky. This is in the valley behind my home which, unlike ours, is south facing. I love the ubiquitous recycled bathtub water trough for livestock incongruously plonked in the field. (We have one too although ours is down in a dip out of sight and the overflow from it makes a cool mud wallow for my pigs in summer.)



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