Advent: December 6th

Today’s photo is a little weird – both yuk and beautiful at the same time.

I had some walnuts a while ago from a friend’s walnut tree and I boiled the green husks up in big enamel pot to make a natural brown dye. I didn’t get around to mordanting the fibre or dyeing it or anything, it sat around outside in the garden for ever and I forgot about it. When I finally remembered and went to tip it away because it had been hiding away for months and I knew I wasn’t going to do anything with it (and I don’t really wear much brown anyway, I’d rather use natural brown wool too!) the surface of the liquid was really beautiful. A lot of rain had seeped in and I don’t know whether this was now just dirty rainwater or whether it was still quite a lot of natural decoction of walnuts husk, but the liquid was black and the surface was oily. The oily patches were only just visible but when the light caught them they turned into a rainbow spectrum that shimmered and changed as I moved my head to view it from different angles. I messed around to try and get a photo that included all the colours of the rainbow (which was harder than I thought!) and so it’s not a very photogenic picture but I quite like it – the rainbow hues are so deep and iridescent almost.

Which just shows even ugly things have a beauty about them if you look from a fresh angle.

P1070576 - Version 2


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