Advent: December 3rd

This morning we had a proper white-over frost. Because we’re quite high up (1,000ft above sea level) and on the top of a hill, cold air rolls down away from us and although we do get lingering frosts of course and sometimes quite hard ones, mostly we get them later than friends lower down. A couple of places here and there on our land are frost pockets, like where the bottom field rises back up in a gentle curve and also on the upper side of hedgerows where the cold air gets trapped. It’s fascinating that something you can’t see – cold air – leaves its trace where it circulated and that one small field can have “warm and cold spots” disclosed in the dawn by the ice crystals surfacing the area.

One thing we do get in mid winter are hoar frosts because quite often we can be in damp clouds and the ice crystals everywhere sugar coat every twig and leaf, fence post, wire, cobweb and building. It’s beautiful.

Today it was just a regular ground frost though, although firm enough for me to walk across the muddy areas in the field without sinking in very far so it was down to about minus 3 C overnight. The sun came out quickly and melted the frost quickly but the roofing felt on the shed in the shadow of a hedge on our yard had formed some minuscule crystals which looked almost like grass sculptured delicately out of ice and lingered until coffee time when I was able to get outside with my camera.



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