Advent: December 2nd

Staying with the theme of slowing down I found this little chap nestling on the moss growing in the bark of a tree. It was smaller than my little finger nail and was just starting to poke it’s head out of it’s shell when I decided to paparazzi it’s perambulations!

I am still working with my fairly basic and not very modern compact camera and macro shots are always tiresome because of the lack of control you have over the shot; the depth of field and focus can’t really be manipulated and I took loads of these whilst Brian/Briony obligingly waved his/her (snails are hermaphrodite) “neck” about with swivelling eyes on stalks but eventually I had to cease.

I’d braced myself against the cut out of the road bank to steady myself and my hands in the absence of a tripod and using my usual tripod-less macro technique of lacing my fingers together around the camera and holding my breath and exhaling gently as I squeeze the shutter button which sometimes works to reduce camera shake (but only sometimes!) and I was aware of hooves clip-clopping unevenly down the steep road behind me. As the horse and it’s young rider hove round the bend the hooves stopped dead; as a horse owner myself I knew exactly why – the horse was astounded by the freaky sight of a human bottom growing out of the bank where usually there were just tree roots and sure enough when I turned round it was staring at me with goggle-eyed horror whilst the girl kicked frantically to make it walk on. So I turned myself back into a normal object by standing up and left the snail to it’s own devices.

My own pony has a phobia about discarded plastic bottles on the side of the road (every self respecting equine knows they are actually wolves in disguise waiting to grab you round the throat) and refuses to budge if she sees one so I didn’t want to cause an incident and hoped that just one of my snail shots would come out OK – this one below is the least worst! ;0)



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