Build a Batt Box – November – “The Gathering Storm”

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Here’s what I wrote on the Batt Box thread on my Ravelry group…

November to me is the tail end of the things I love about Autumn. Just nudging into the frontier of Winter, it’s just another layer of burrowing down into a sleepy cosiness. The fierce blaze of Autumn colours have started to fade and fall and there is that subtle shift of muted tones when you start to see the bones and structures of Nature but before everything becomes drear at the end of the cold season.

P1020490 2

The nights are drawing in, the sun is lower in the sky, shapes take on skeletal forms and colours are softer, greyer, smokey.

P1010295 2

Often the skies can seem really heavy with a foreboding sense of weather fronts pushing across this maritime island of Britain.
Wales, like other western parts of the UK, gets the brunt of this both in terms of the actual weather but also the beautiful storm clouds and colour changes at sunset and sunrise.

P1010291 2 - Version 2

The smell of smoke hangs heavy out of chimneys and blends with the fog drifting up from the valleys.

(and yes, before anyone else points it out – this photo was taken in summer but I was really struggling for photos here!! ;0)

It’s a time for gathering up, collecting, storing and shutting down. For walks along empty beaches with nothing more than the sound of the waves and the cry of the grey gulls.

P1080219 - Version 2

P1080268 - Version 2

The first frosts kiss hedges and gardens, fields and trees, trace crystal patterns on glass and wilt the last of the summer greenery…

jan 2010 37

and by the end of the month on high ground the first fall of snow has fallen temporarily and hushed the sky with ice and fog.

P1020416 2

P1020401 2

Coolness and softness, quiet and strong, muted and smokey.
I decided to call this box The Gathering Storm to reflect this and the colours I’ve chosen – a range of grey-blues, stormy purple and smoke.

I love these soft subtle shades and I’m looking forward to seeing what people create with them!


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