Build a Batt Box detail – “Mermaids Singing”

July’s BaBB was themed around a line from T S Eliot’s Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock and the colours were inspired by the sea and coast. The sea has an especial poignancy for me and these shades of blue and green are my very favourite colours so this box was a real treat for me to put together. I drew on some photos I took on holiday last September and the childhood memories of the same place and put them together in a box full of sea greens and blues.


mermaids singing copy

This box sold out quite quickly – it appears that I’m not the only person who loves these hues! I’m really looking forward to seeing what people might have made with their fibres. If you’ve used these in your projects, don’t forget to post pictures on my Ravelry group to inspire us will you!

I made up a few batts to experiment with the odds and ends of fibres left over.


This one is a base of Bleu de Maine fleece dyed by me which came from my friend’s flock and I carded it with some of the merino and the green bamboo from the box. I added some extra sparkle in the form of gold firestar (if you have the August Sweet Meadow box this is the firestar from that one)


This batt is a mixture of the shades of merino and a little extra bamboo and some silk noil in turquoise. It also has some of the dyed silk brick and a few hints of Angelina in blue as an extra from my own stash (which sparkle you can’t see in this photo)


This is a mixture of the paler shades of merino with some soy silk and orange silk noil.

I also had a play around with some fancy yarns. I had some leftover merino in a pretty shade of petrol blue that was manufacturing waste – it had felted and nipped in the carding I think and I was given it by someone. I’d used the bulk of it by combing it and saving the best of it and it was part of a chunky soft bolero I spun and knitted last year but the waste fibres were sitting around – too short to spin on their own comfortably and too lumpy to make a nice yarn, they needed something else with them and I was loathe to throw them away. So I decided to roughly card them with some of the merino in duck egg and a little of the firestar from this box and used the resulting textured batts to make a soft corespun yarn which I then spiral plied with a cashmere/silk/merino commercial cobweb yarn to make a super bouncy lightweight but bulky yarn. I think I’ll knit this up into a winter cowl of some sort but for now I’m pleased with the skeins on their own!


And I’ll include this picture too even though this isn’t from the box itself but the fibres are very similar and you could do something like it using the BaBB. Last year I spun this sample skein of cocoon yarn using merino as the singles yarn and wrapping it with shiny little cocoons of silk/merino which I blended from hand dyed green silk with some blue merino. It’s been sitting around for over a year and I had some leftover silk warp on my loom yesterday which i didn’t want to waste before cutting off the project it belonged to so I grabbed this yarn and wove a small sample for fun. I’ve pulled the cocoons up through the warp as the pick was lying in the open shed and twisting them into a loop before beating the pick back – they are randomly placed but there’s mostly a looped cocoon on each row. Not sure what I’d use this for and this piece is too small for much anyway but it was interesting and fun to play around with!


P1120955 - Version 2




One Reply to “Build a Batt Box detail – “Mermaids Singing””

  1. That last bit of weaving looks like bubbles in water – imagining embroidered little fish and coral and seahorses, urchins and seaweed in between? Oh yes and the mermaid too!

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