Shop till you drop….

(That’s me dropping after making a shop…)

Well I realise it’s been a little while since I last posted in here. I’ve had a very busy two weeks because exactly 14 days ago in about… oooo…. 53 minutes time, I opened my Etsy shop selling dyed fleeces and some roving/tops I’d dyed. It’s been busier than I dared to hope thanks to lovely people on Ravelry who’ve bought my woolly wares. I’m ever so grateful for an encouraging start to add to a very successful Wonderwool and I hope to produce more fibres, fleeces and yarns that people will enjoy crafting with in the months and years to come.

It does mean that I’ve been working all the hours trying to learn the ropes and work out new ways of doing things – all very exciting but just at the moment it leaves less time for writing or even thinking about writing whilst I get to grips with the new routines so I shall just post a few pictures of what I’ve been putting in the shop for this post and leave it at that. In the next day or two I hope to come back here with a very special project involving my Gotland fleece that just needs a wee bit of finishing in the morning before it can have a photo shoot. Till then…









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