Barnet Fair in Leicester Square

If you go down in the fields today, you’re sure for a big surprise….


Grainne: Is it safe to come out yet?


Rusby: Elvis! Stop tail-gating me!

Elvis: Sorry Rus, I’m protecting you from behind. And you saw what happened to me last week…


Boudicca: Don’t worry Maaaaaa. I’m doing my Daniel Craig impression. She won’t mess with 007.


Rasta: Don’t be silly child, you don’t look like 007, you just look sheepish. Ed, you best keep an ear to the ground.


Edward: Oh I am ma’am. Bad news I’m afraid, a little worm told me she’s definitely doing it tomorrow. You’d better pray for rain. Or whistle…


Jonathan: Oh Nooooooo! I can’t whistle!!! puff puff pufff….

It’s true, the worm told right. Tomorrow I plan, weather permitting to shear the last section of my flock. These are the Leicester crosses. Black Bluefeceds, and the crosses I call Gotleicester and Swedish Mule. I have some exciting plans for some of this fibre I hope to be able to carry out. Let’s hope it holds fine so I can get these last fleeces off!

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