Bits and bobs…

Internet connections have gone from poor to non-existant lately – not much help with blogging! But it does mean there’s more time and less distractions to get on with things in the real world.

Apart from building a bathroom (ongoing project – will be so glad when it’s finished!) I’ve been making chocolate seashells filled with hazelnut chocolate spread for a Mothering Sunday gift…




…inventing my own version of Rum Baba after a friend brought us one back from a visit to family in the Cayman Islands…



….which was soaked in honey from our own bees and rum. A bit dry due to the 100% wholemeal flour I used but at some point I’m going to do a gluten free version which I think will work better. Mmmmm…

And in spinning terms I’ve been carding up batts for a cardigan to take part in the Spinalong in my friend Katie’s Ravelry group HilltopCloud. It might only be edging into Spring here in Wales but like all good fashionistas (ha! As if!) I’m looking two seasons ahead… Actually it’s just that Autumn is my favourite season and I want to knit myself a snuggly autumn cardigan in this burnt orange colour. So I’ve turned these fibres – ginger commercially dyed merino, corriedale lambs fleece and dyed red silk


…into 22 neat little batts like this…


It’s spinning up beautifully and I’m looking forward to knitting myself something with it later in the year.

I’ve been dyeing fleece and knitting more socks amongst other things but those will have to wait for another day.


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