Shall we begin…

I’ve considered a writing a blog in the past but always felt slightly uncomfortable with the thought that maybe it’s a little like one’s own private soapbox, pontificating into the ether. And nobody’s listening anyway.

For the past couple of years I’ve “hung out online” on my Ravelry group instead with likeminded knitters, spinners and crafters and preferred the idea that the conversation is at least dialogue and democratic and somebody somewhere can always prick your bubble if you get too high and mighty. Or click your buttons. Oh the shame of being cut down to size by a button click….

Recently a few people have suggested I start writing a blog. After due extended mulling-over and sheeplike procrastination I finally realised how much I enjoy following other people’s blogs and reading about the things that they make and do – and with nary a soapbox in sight – and that some of those friends who suggested dipping my toe into the blog-pond are folks not on Ravelry nor are they likely to ever be. Perhaps it was time to start a blog after all. So here we go.

In the main this will be about making things (textiles featuring heavily, you have been warned) and growing things in my beloved veggie plot. Hopefully those things will mostly be vegetables. The animals like to take a twirl in the limelight every now and then, some more so than others I suspect  frowns at a certain small furry feline person. Living in rural Wales will probably flavour the writing as well as the cooking.

Who knows where it will go, we’ll probably have to suck it and see. Just wash the mud off first though okay…


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